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At Zone Revolution, our vision is taht it's time to change the way we approach fitness!

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3 innovative and connected training concepts according to your objectives


Each month you have a goal to achieve with the rest of your team

Connected training

A connected fitness tracker to follow your live performance and an app to consult all your results (and much more)


All our trainings in small groups with a coach to guide you


A real community to motivate you, 0% judgment, 100% motivationn

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3 Fun and Effective Training Concepts

Zone Revolution
Zone Revolution Fit

45 min

75% boxing

25% air bike

Sessions to let off steam and burn as many calories as possible.

Zone Revolution Strong

45 min

50% dumbbells

50% air runner

Sessions in BOOTCAMP mode to become more athletic.

Zone Revolution Booster

27 min

100% circuit


Sesions with unlimited access, without booking to boost your results.

An unlimited formula

Your Subscription gives you unlimited access to ZR BOOSTER!

BOOSTER's advantage is that it makes your life easier!

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